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Check out our MP3 player, if you haven't already. Just click here, and a new window will automagically pop out and the music will start playing. This way, you can keep browsing the site without stopping the music.
If you want, you can embed our player anywhere you'd like. Just click the share button on the player, and copy'n'paste the embed-code on whatever page you want.

Want to download some of our songs? Sure! Here's a list of songs you can download:
You can also just click this link here, and download the whole list in one go!

Of course, you could do us a great favor by buying the songs through an online music store or streaming them through Spotify! Here's a list of sites and services where you can find our music:
If you want to tell other people about these downloads, it's best to point them to this page rather than to the specific files. This way people won't be disappointed when we put different songs up.

In the future, we might put up live recordings and remixes and what not. So keep your eyes peeled!

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