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These are our various profile pages: Check them out, and be sure to send us a Friend Invite. Because, you know, we're your friends... right?

Friends & Colleagues

These are some of our friends:
  • Soundcheck Schiedam - This is where we rehearse
  • You re the Crowd - The drummer and bassist used to be in our band, but we outgrew them ;P
  • Elly Kellner - An amazing singer/songwriter Andra had the honor of hanging out with for a while
  • Marlou van Oosterhout - A great graphic designer, who just *happens* to be Nils' girl
  • Remco Smits - A fantastic photographer who has been trying really hard to shoot us with a straight face

Bands we like

We love all kinds of stuff, but these are some of the bands we agree on:

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